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Paul Theodoroff is an independent filmmaker with a passion for film production. Paul’s passion for the screen extends into every facet of the industry. He has made inspirational, educational, and promotional films for a wide variety of audiences.

Paul’s emphasis is in cinematography. His ability to tell a story through the lens of a camera combining lighting and music with visual creativity is a rare combination. Although cinematography is his main focus, Paul has had to direct, edit, and film most of his work to gain valuable experience needed in the industry.

Paul Theodoroff

The Internet is my Oyster

When I'm not creating films of my own, I'm constantly watching the films of others. If you want to see more of my work, check out my social media links below! You'll also be the first to find out what I'm working on.

Find me on Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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My Philosophy

You are always a student, never a master. Keep moving forward and never give up. As an emerging artist and filmmaker, I hope to continue to perfect my craft, grow as a cinematographer, and inspire others through my work.

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